We need uploaders !

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  1. If you want to join our team you need to upload torrents
    -they can be created by you or copied from other sites
    -very important when you copy them from other websites you have to check if there are links or ads to those sites and delete them .We do not accept ads to other websites.
    In return for your activity you will join our team and you'll get the UPLOADER RANK.

    Greetings ,FreakTorrents Team
  2. What i need to do to see if torrent have links or ads to other sites?
  3. You have to read the description of the torrent and see if there are direct links ex: "uploaded by xyz.com" and remove them and the other step is to press the unlink button when you paste the text to this site like this :[​IMG]
  4. Now, to enter on upload team what i need to do? :D
  5. you have to post at least 100 torrents :D
  6. After this i need to make a request or..?
  7. after that you'll become an uploader :d
  8. done :) I`m proud to be here! :)
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