Swedish Anti-Piracy Group Shut Down Another Private Tracker

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  1. The Internationals, a Swedish private tracker, has been in trouble for more than a decade, but eventually it succumbed to anti-piracy group pressure. The tracker had its owner arrested 4 years ago, but only now Rights Alliance has forced it to delete its torrents.

    Rights Alliance, the former Antipiratbyrån, is a well-known Swedish anti-piracy outfit involved in multiple copyright battles, including one that brought TPB founders in jail. The difference between The Pirate Bay and The Internationals is that the former continues to this very day, while the latter has just thrown in the towel.

    Apart from its decade-long issues with the rights holders, the tracker is known for being perhaps the only service to have its webhost prosecuted for its activities: when the police raided The Internationals operator in 2011, it also arrested the owner of webhosting company PatrikWeb. Rights Alliance has been previously ordered the latter to take down The Internationals, but he refused to do so without a court order. As a result, he had to face the court hearing, where he stood firm and was acquitted of all charges.

    A private tracker was launched approximately 12 years ago and quickly earned a decent reputation for content availability. Automatically, the copyright holders started to pursue it for infringement. 7 years ago, after successful TPB convictions, the anti-piracy group sent out warnings to other allegedly infringing websites hosted in Sweden, urging them to shut down or face the court. As for The Internationals, the site heeded the warning almost immediately, but returned next month.

    Then, 6 years ago, the police raided two locations in Sweden to seize the site’s data servers and arrest two individuals, including the site’s operator, who was eventually found guilty of copyright infringement and sentenced to 90 hours community service in 2015. By then, the tracker had already been resurrected under another domain name. Only now it received correspondence from Rights Alliance ordering it to shut down and complied. The site operator has just announced that all torrents have been removed and download, upload, offers and requests have been deactivated.

    However, the website will stay open to enable the community to stay together. It is doubtful that the members won’t leave the site once the content has been removed, but the time will tell.

    Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing the source of the article.

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