Paramount Pictures Sues Fan-Funded Star Trek Spin-Off

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  1. Paramount Pictures sues the crowdfunded short film Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar, and the lawsuit is gearing up for a trial: the court has already ruled on motions for summary judgment from the parties. It is still unclear which way the case will go, but the judge believes that the fan movie is not “fair use”.


    Back in 2016, Star Trek producers filed a lawsuit against the makers of the fan film Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar, claiming that those infringe copyright. The fans were also going to produce follow-up feature film Axanar after the short film was received well.

    However, the Star Trek copyright owners claim ownership over its settings, characters, species, clothing, short phrases and even the Klingon language, which can’t be used even by fans in non-commercial purposes. The court has already shared its opinion on some of the most important issues, responding to motions for summary judgment.

    For instance, the fans informed the court that their video does not infringe Star Trek copyrights since it clearly falls under fair use. The problem is that the court didn’t agree: after weighing the 4 factors that define fair use, the judge decided that Axanar is not entitled to a fair use defense. He explained that even despite the fact that the movie will be distributed for free, its makers are still able to profit from it in other ways like resulting job benefits. Besides, the judge believes that the fan-made film went beyond fair use by including too many details of the Star Trek canon. Two more factors are the nature of the original movie and the effect on its market value: the court decided that they didn’t warrant a fair use qualification either.

    Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing the source of the article.

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