News Hollywood Was Behind KickassTorrents Shutdown

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  1. A few months ago, one of the largest file-sharing websites ever was shut down due to a criminal investigation into its operator. It is known that KickassTorrents’ case is processed by the US Department of Justice based on an FBI investigation, but the MPAA recently made clear that Hollywood was involved as well.


    The largest torrent site at the time, KickassTorrents was closed down following the FBI investigation that pointed out the Ukrainian national Artyom Vaulin as the alleged site operator. The latter was immediately arrested in Poland and stays in the local prison.

    Now the MPAA admitted that it also played a key role in the case, actively helping the US authorities to shut down the site. It is also known that the major movie studios have previously helped in similar criminal cases, but the MPAA does not reveal many details about its role in federal investigations.

    Undoubtedly, the KickassTorrents seizure was a major success for the movie industry, but piracy remains a problem: according to the MPAA, it enjoys successes every day, but they now require more sophisticated methods. On the other hand, the pirates are getting smarter at the same time as well: for example, the operators of websites and services have found better ways to protect themselves from law enforcement over many years, at the same time making it easier for their users to obtain content. The MPAA has a positive outlook, but still recognizes the challenges. Its head recently said that they felt more optimistic despite the fact that the pirates were getting more and more sophisticated. Apparently, technology was playing important role for both sides: not only was it increasing Hollywood’s opportunity for more people to consume content, but also enabling them to steal our it.

    Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing the source of the article.

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