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  1. The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the release of Fedora 16 'Verne'. As always, Fedora continues to develop and integrate the latest free and open source software. The following are major features for Fedora 16: enhanced cloud support including Aeolus Conductor, Condor Cloud, HekaFS, OpenStack and pacemaker-cloud; KDE Plasma workspaces 4.7 and GNOME 3.2; a number of core system improvements including GRUB 2 and the removal of HAL; an updated libvirtd, trusted boot, guest inspection, virtual lock manager and a pvops-based kernel for Xen all improve virtualization support."

    == What's New in Fedora 16? ==

    For desktop users: a journey to the center of the desktop...

    * GNOME 3.2, the latest update to the most popular desktop environment,
    brings new features, including:
    o System Settings gains an "Online Accounts" panel, which provides
    a central point for managing online accounts like Google, Facebook, etc.
    o A new contact management application is integrated with Empathy,
    Evolution and the new "Online Accounts" settings panel
    o A new document management application provides a simpler
    alternative to traditional file management for both local and "in-cloud"
    * KDE 4.7, the most recent version of this feature-rich desktop
    environment, brings substantial updates, including:
    o DigiKam 2.0 adds face detection and recognition, geotagging and more.
    o An updated Plasma Workspaces window manager (KWin) makes KDE
    better suited for mobile devices, and also adds improvements for desktop
    o A new shutdown dialog allows users with multiple operating
    systems to select the OS to boot next.

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