Opera F06-Dance-Moon Water - by Lin Hwai-Hin [Etcohod]

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  1. Moon Water - choreography by Lin Hwai-Hin

    Choreography by Lin Hwai-Min
    Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taïwan
    Music, J.S. Bach, Suites for Cello solo
    Cello, MIscha Maisky
    Set, Austin Wang
    Lights, Tsan-Tao Chang
    Costume, Ching-Ju Lin
    Production Jingo International Records Co., Ltd

    'Moon Water' (Suei Yuei) can refer to two things: a Buddhist proverb, lliterally 'Mirror Flower Water Moon' and the ideal state of the T'ai Chi practitioner: 'Energy flows like water, and the mind shines like the moon'.
    Lin Hwai-Min drew on these two sources of inspiration to devise a piece where the real and unreal coexist, where the intimate connection between Yin and Yang is revealed.
    The Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, founded by Lin Hwai-Min in 1973, uses a body language that is a sophisticated mix of T'ai Chi, meditation, gestures borrowed from Chinese opera and Western contemporary dance. A particularly poetic synthesis.

    TV Dirctor, Chang Chao-Tang
    Recorded on September 27th 2013 at the National Theater of Taipei, Taiwan
    Genre : Danse
    Length : 01:09:30
    Director : Chao-Tang Chang

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