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    Nicutzy posted the thread HD Widows (2018) [720p] in HD.
    Synopsis "Widows" is the story of four women with nothing in common except a debt left behind by their dead husbands' criminal...
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    Nicutzy posted the thread DVD The Grinch in DVD.
    Synopsis For their eighth fully animated feature, Illumination and Universal Pictures present The Grinch, based on Dr. Seuss' beloved...
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    Nicutzy posted the thread HD First Man (2018) [720p] in HD.
    Synopsis A Biopic on the life of the legendary American Astronaut Neil Armstrong from 1961-1969, on his journey to becoming the first...
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    Synopsis A U.S. submarine, the USS Tampa Bay, vanishes while shadowing a Russian Akula-class submarine in the Arctic. Rear Admiral John...
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    Synopsis Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury...
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    Synopsis Seasoned musician Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) discovers-and falls in love with-struggling artist Ally (Gaga). She has just...
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    Nicutzy posted the thread HD The Realm (2018) [720p] in HD.
    Synopsis 2007. Manuel López-Vidal is a veteran Spanish politician and the right-hand of Frías, autonomous community's president (working...
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    Synopsis A husband picks up a job as a janitor at an insane asylum scheming all the time to be close to and free his wife from the...
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    Synopsis A young woman is forced to reflect on her first relationship when she inadvertently moves into her ex-boyfriend's apartment...
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    Synopsis Cleveland Heep, a stuttering apartment superintendent, encounters a girl named Story swimming in the complex's pool. He soon...
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    Synopsis Fathers in a small California desert town abandon their children one by one leaving behind a wake of anger and crime as their...
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    Nicutzy posted the thread DVD Hacked (2016) [1080p] in DVD.
    Synopsis Creepy found- footage horror about a grad student whose research into video chat culture quickly takes a dark and unsettling...
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    Synopsis Schreiber was one of Oppenheimer's brilliant young physicists recruited for the Manhattan Project during World War II. He was...
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    Nicutzy posted the thread DVD Dogman (2018) [1080p] in DVD.
    Synopsis Marcello, a small and gentle dog groomer, finds himself involved in a dangerous relationship of subjugation with Simone, a...
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    Synopsis A long-lost engagement ring still divides childhood sweethearts who are now in their golden years. Now, her daughter (Heaton)...
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