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DVD Arrival 2016 DVDRip

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Dr Delight, Nov 20, 2016.

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  1. Dr Delight

    By:Dr DelightNov 20, 2016
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    Nov 17, 2016
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    Initial release: October 10, 2016 (Russia, United Kingdom)
    Director: Denis Villeneuve

    Linguistics professor Louise Banks (Amy Adams) leads an elite team of investigators when gigantic spaceships touch down in 12 locations around the world. As nations teeter on the verge of global war, Banks and her crew must race against time to find a way to communicate with the extraterrestrial visitors. Hoping to unravel the mystery, she takes a chance that could threaten her life and quite possibly all of mankind.
    • Genre: Sci-Fi | Mystery
    • Resolution: 720x390
    • Size: 2.15 GB
    • Quality: 720p
    • Frame Rate: 25.000 FPS
    • Language: English
    • Run Time: 1 hr 58 mins
    • IMDB Rating: 8.4/10 [​IMG]
    • MPR: Normal
    Screen Shots:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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